Freedom to Choose

Use the Tape and Tape Machine that's Right for You

Dekka tape heads give you the freedom to use any type and brand of tape or machine that's right for you. Our tape heads are tested on all tapes and machines to ensure consistent and reliable performance under all situations. With over 400 different Dekka tape heads available, we test each and everyone on multiple machines to ensure our tape heads work in any condition.

Reduce Costs by Centralizing Your Tape Heads

One of the biggest reasons for switching to Dekka tape heads is the ability to centralize all of your tape heads to 1 brand. This means no matter what brand of case erector or case sealer you use, you can just keep 1 core model of tape head. Aside from the consistent performance achieved with Dekka tape heads, there are huge costs benefits including only needing 1 set of spare parts, reducing the amount of training required and only needing to deal with 1 vendor for any issues or when ordering parts.

Dekka fits all

Over 400+ Different Tape Heads

Why do we have so many different tape heads? It's because of the large demand our customer's have for Dekka tape heads. Dekka customers have grown to love the consistency and reliability our tape heads bring and therefore request for our tape heads even if they change machines or even companies. We develop a different tape head depending on the machine, tape width, speeds or other conditions of the application.

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose means being able to adapt to whatever tape or machine is right for your application. Whether you choose your tape and case sealer based on performance, application or financial concerns, Dekka tape heads will provide the same level of consistency and performance to your case sealing. Dekka tape heads are all tested on different types and brands of tape, ensuring superior performance at all times and giving you the flexibility to decide what's best for your product.

Dekka freedom to choose