DEKKA Tape Alert System Sentry 4

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The DEKKA Sentry 4 Tape Alert System monitors tape head operation and notifies nearby operators of current or upcoming issues with the tape head. Alarms for low tape levels and case sealing issues ensure that operators are alerted immediately to avoid minor problems from escalating.

The Sentry 4 consists of special DEKKA tape heads with built-in control units that provide power to proximity sensors. Operators are alerted both audibly and visually with a tri-light beacon to quickly grab the attention of nearby operators.

Operators are often too busy to notice issues with the tape head such as missed cuts or low levels of tape on the roll. Not realizing that a tape head has run out of tape for several minutes can cause significant slowdowns or even stoppages in production.

  • All Encompassing Tape Monitoring

    Low tape level on the roll No tape or broken tape Continuous or uncut tape Tape fouled or wound around the front case contact roller (depending on the circumstances)

  • Tri-Light Beacon

    Stacked tri-light beacon for visual alarm to quickly alert operators of issue. This is especially important for noisy operations where operators wear earplugs.

  • Flexible and Adjustable Alarm Sensor

    Depending on the tape roll or preference of the operator, the sensitivity on the low tape roll alarm can be adjusted to trigger when desired.

  • High Quality Waterproof Cable

    High quality waterproof cable connectors for resistance to moist environments and prolonging overall product life.

  • What's Included

    DEKKA Sentry 4 tape heads with built-in sensors. Sentry 4 control unit. Waterproof cords to connect tape heads and control unit.

  • Sensors

    DC inductive proximity sensors