DEKKA Tape Alert System Sentry 4

The DEKKA Sentry 4 Tape Alert system is designed to provide alarms for low tape levels and for problems related to the delivery of case sealing tape from the tape applicator head to the case itself.

The Sentry 4 alert system provides alarms for:

  • Low tape level on the roll
  • No tape or broken tape
  • Tape fouled or wound around the front case contact roller (depending on the circumstances)
  • Continuous or uncut tape

The Sentry 4 consists of special DEKKA tape heads with built in DC inductive proximity sensors and a control unit that provides low voltage [24 V.] power to the sensors, alarm logic circuits, and visual alarms by an indicator stack light on the unit and switching sets of contacts for external alarms.

The Sentry 4 control units differ from previous Sentry systems in the use of a simpler control system logic that no longer requires the use of a PLC controller. Instead, a straightforward, relay logic circuit is now used. All Sentry 4 systems use waterproof cable and connectors between the control unit and tape heads. The serial numbers of Sentry 4 units start with the prefix “S4D-“.

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  • DEKKA Sentry 4 Tape Alert System Features & Specs


    • A built-in status light system.
    • Adjustable delay timing for uncut tape.
    • Two sets of contacts for connection to additional external alarms or interlocking controls: one for low tape, the second for all other tape faults.

    System Components

    • DEKKA Sentry 4 tape heads with built-in sensors.
    • Sentry 4 control unit.
    • Waterproof cords to connect tape heads and control unit.

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