DEKKA SE V3 High Performance Tape Head NEW

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Product Protection Because You Need It

The new flagship DEKKA SE V3 provides the best product protection with the longest wipe down in the industry. Extended wipe down on the sides ensures the flaps are held down against the case, keeping your product secure during palletizing or shipment.

Excellent Performance in All Situations

The V3 box tapehead features Dekka's new Dynamic Wipe Down Tension Spring which provides an ultra-soft initial contact when applying tape, eliminating case crushing and tape breakages. The cutting mechanism has also been overhauled, providing 20% more cutting performance for a stronger, faster, deeper cut. With these new features, the DEKKA SE V3 performs exceptionally well in all circumstances, especially in situations where other tape heads may struggle like smaller cases, under/void fill cases or softer recycled corrugated cases.

If you have questions in regards to the release of the tape head, please visit our DEKKA SE V3 Launch FAQ webpage.

  • Extended Wipe Down Arms

    Extended wipe down arms for complete wipe down from start to end, providing the complete product protection.

  • Tool-less Tension Change

    Wipe down tension can be easily changed without the need for tools, allowing for quick adjustments and optimization when variations in tape or corrugated appear.

  • Stronger, Faster, Deeper Cut

    Overhauled cutting mechanism for superior performance in under-fill or recycled corrugated applications. The improved cutting distance also improves compliance on case sealers which are inaccurately adjusted.

  • Adjustable Wipe Down Brush

    An adjustable brush with stiff bristles provides evenly distributed wipe down pressure across the entire tape surface. The brush is adjustable to allow for better angles which may suit different applications better.

  • Labelled Adjustments

    On-machine labels identifying common adjustment points and common spare parts for easy machine operation and maintenance.

  • 10 Second Tape Threading

    An open side frame design along with on-machine pictorial guides for quick tape threading in 10 seconds

  • Patented No-Break Tape Advance

    The DEKKA SE pulls along the center-line of the tape roll to avoid putting stress on the edges which is where most tape breakages occur.

  • Quality Construction

    High quality corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction. Designed and made in Canada.

  • High Quality Polyurethane Wipe Down Rollers

    Many tape heads are fitted with separate roller sleeves, requiring frequent replacements due to surface breaks and splits. The result is tougher, longer lasting rollers requiring less maintenance.

  • Safe Operation

    Independently mounted knife guard and actuator lever to minimize exposure of knife guard for greater operator safety.

  • Simply Dependable Performance

    Single main wipe down spring for reliable, repeatable performance with easy and quick maintenance.

  • Tape Width

    2" or 3"

  • Tab Length

    2.325" - 2.75" (additional lengths available)

  • Speed

    80 to 120 feet per minute

  • Tape Roll Size

    1500 - 2000 yards

  • Construction

    Corrosion resistant stainless steel

  • Country of Manufacturing

    Designed and built in Canada

  • Mirror Image

    Ideal for machine configurations that require access to tape head from opposite side.

  • Tape Monitoring

    coming soon