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About Us

In 1997, the founders of Dekka created a company with the vision of producing the perfect tape head. They realized that despite the small cost and value that most people associated with tape heads, it is one of the most important pieces of a packaging line.

Dekka quickly became an industry leader with technological advances like the patented no break tape advance system and an open design for easy threading. Being one of the few companies dedicated to tape head manufacturing, we are able to keep a high standard of quality with flexible solutions with a variety of tab sizes, lengths and speeds from 80 to 200 feet per minute.

Due to the quality, reliability and support of our products, Dekka is one of the most popular tape heads in the market. With the high volume and demand for our product, we are one of the only brands to offer tape heads which fit on almost every machine in the market. Along with these tape heads, we also offer options and accessories on our tape heads such as the Sentry Tape Alert System and other retrofit packages.

Dekka  has also recently introduced its new machinery line, bringing the same level of quality and reliability from our tape heads to case sealing and erecting machinery. These machines have been designed and built to synergize perfectly with Dekka tape heads to bring the highest level of performance and reliability to our customers.