DEKKA 500 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector

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The DEKKA 500 is a heavy duty fully automatic case erector developed for the entry level market. This compact machine is ideal for customers looking to upgrade to automatic machinery with a tight budget and limited floor space. The DEKKA 500 is able to reach speeds of up to 10 cases per minute, perfect for light manufacturers operating a low-speed automated packaging line.

While the functions of the automatic case forming machine are quite traditional, the controls of the DEKKA 500 have been upgraded to provide an intuitive and premium experience. The full color touchscreen HMI features Wexxar's WISE system with an intuitive design and helpful features like images of locations of faults and other troubleshooting tips. Changeover is quick with user-friendly color-coded change handles and pictorial guides. Optimized for the high performance Dekka tape head, the DEKKA 500 ensures an effective and reliable case seal.

  • Intuitive Controls

    Full color 5” HMI touchscreen for easy and intuitive machine operation

  • Quality Construction

    Heavy duty powder coated steel and anodized aluminum

  • Labelled Adjustments

    On-machine labels for easy-to-follow pictorial guides and color coded size change labels

  • Minimal Footprint

    Compact design with heavy duty structure for saving floor space

  • Tape Management

    Alerts when the tape roll is low on tape

  • Indicators

    Digital Dial Indicators for case size changes

  • E-Stop

    Auxiliary E-Stop for case jams

  • Tape Head

    Dekka 3" tape head

  • Casters

    Locking casters