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DEKKA 100 Introductory Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

The DEKKA 100 is a pressure sensitive, bottom belt, semi-automatic case sealer. It is designed to be the perfect pairing for the Dekka tape-head, providing an economic and reliable case sealing solution.

The DEKKA 100 is able to handle a wide range of case sizes and can easily be changed to adapt different cases with a quick 2 point size change over. The machine is simple and easy to use with helpful pictorial guides and color coded size change labels. The machine was designed with maintenance in mind with easy access to belt and tape head changes.

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  • DEKKA 100 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer Features & Options


    • Economic and Simple Bottom Belt Case Sealer
    • Quality North American Designed and Built
    • Heavy Duty Structure with Contemporary Space Saving Design
    • Easy to use and follow pictorial guides with Color coded size change labels
    • Consistent and Reliable Seal with Industry Leading Dekka tape head
    • Quick 2 Point Size Change
    • Quick and Simple Maintenance with easy access to belt or tape head changes
    • Deepest Sales and Service Support Network in all of North America


    • Infeed and outfeed roller conveyor
    • Infeed and outfeed table
    • Locking casters
    • Dekka stainless steel tapehead
    • KDF box stand
    • DEKKA 100 spare parts kit

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