DEKKA 500 - Fully Automatic Case Former Launch Video

The DEKKA 500 is a fully automatic pressure sensitive tape case former. The video highlights the features and benefits of the machine including color HMI, compact design, and color coded change handles and pictorial guides.

Hi, I’m Sander Smith, Product Manager for Dekka Industries, powered by ProMach. Today, we’re proud to introduce our Dekka 500 fully automatic case erector. It’s an entry level system designed for applications going up to 10 cases per minute. It’s a very traditional, proven, compact design machine featuring our color-coded changeover, our HMI control, and, of course, a Dekka tape head.

Our HMI controller gives you the information of how many cases are feeding through the machine. It also lets you know what the actual run rate of the machine is. It helps with job control, so you can verify setup, it also has a case clearer, should the case become jammed. By hitting the case clearer, you can advance the case through as well as the setup screen, where you can access machine feedback, alarm history, and troubleshooting.