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Rebuild Program

DEKKA strives to ensure that your sealing machines are taping at the highest level of performance. That's why, with the purchase of every new tape head, DEKKA will take your existing DEKKA tape head and rebuild or fine tune it for half the price.DEKKA Rebuild Program

Benefits of rebuilding a tape head:

  • Same DEKKA quality for half the price.
  • Allows an extra pre-loaded tape head to be on hand at all times.
  • Lowers overall operating costs.
  • Recycles your old tape head and puts it to reuse.
  • Reduces downtime while waiting for a new head to be shipped.

DEKKA's rebuild options are outlined below.

Purchase and Exchange: Upon purchase of a DEKKA Rebuilt tape head from our stock, DEKKA would invoice at 100% of the rebuilt sale price and provide a 50% core credit upon receipt of your core, within 30 days of the original invoice.

Return for Rebuild: Tape heads would be shipped to the DEKKA plant for rebuilding, which consists of complete replacement of ALL wear parts, including: Springs, Blade, Rollers and Felts. DEKKA would also evaluate any and all structural parts and replace them based on engineering knowledge and assessment. These heads would carry the warranty of any new Product at 50% of the list price. Please contact our Parts department prior to return with Purchase Order information and an RMA number for tracking your order.

NOTE: Any major damage to the tape head core itself will not allow for rebuilding. It is rarely the case that a rebuild is rejected, but it does happen from time to time in these instances.