DEKKA SE Stainless Steel Tape Head

The DEKKA SE is a durable and consistent tape head, suitable for a wide range of applications. The DEKKA SE has an open side frame design for easy tape loading to reduce down time and costly production delays. Dekka tape heads require minimal maintenance, with built-in mechanisms designed to keep the blade clean and sharp while keeping the operator safe, and specially designed rollers to reduce tape breakage.

Dekka tape heads are designed to provide superior performance for all brands and types of tapes, giving you the freedom to choose the tape that's right for you.

  • Precision Stainless Steel Construction

    High quality stainless steel - precision cut with modern laser cutting technology and corrosion resistant

  • Patented No-Break Tape Advance

    Advances the tape along its centerline to avoid edge stress and prevents tape breakage, eliminating delays and lost production

  • External Tape Guide System

    Physically holds tape ends in place unaffected by external drafts or loss of static attraction to the wipe down roller

  • Adjustable Roller Tensions Spring

    Main spring tension may be adjusted by selecting one of four preset leverage points. Adjustments are unaffected by vibration and shock

  • High Quality Molded Wipe Down Rollers

    Polyurethane wipe down rollers are molded in one piece for tougher, long-lasting rollers that require less maintenance

  • Tape Width

    2" or 3"

  • Tab Length

    2.325" - 2.75"

  • Speed

    80-120 feet per minute

  • Construction

    Premium stainless steel

  • Country of Manufacturing

    Designed and built in Canada

  • Tape Width

    6" wide available

  • Mirror Image

    Ideal for machine configurations that require access to tape head from opposite side

  • Mount

    Horizontal mounting version