Best Service Team in the Industry

More tape head experience than any other team on the industry. Our vast experience and understanding in both tape heads and the machines they go on ensures every Dekka customer received the best service possible, ensuring quality service and low down time.

No One Knows Tape Heads Better Than Us

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Our aftermarket and technical support staff have an average of 20 years of tape head and tape machine experience. We believe our customer’s first point of contact is incredibly important and therefore our experienced staff are trained in dealing with most tape head issues and advising on potential solutions for minor issues so customers can get up and running right away.

Most of our product management and engineering team members have over 30 years of experience in supporting tape head and tape sealing applications. Some started out building tape heads in the shop while others have designed multiple tape heads and case sealers. Our experience from supporting over 400 different tape heads and thousands of applications means the Dekka team has seen almost every type of tape head application.

Widest Service Network in the Industry

Dekka has the widest service network in Canada and US with both internal Wexxar Bel and Dekka dedicated service techs as well as certified distributor technicians. Similar to the rest of our team, our service technicians are exposed to both tape head and tape sealer service calls, allowing them to properly and quickly diagnose any situation upon arrival and provide a quick and correct solution.

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We Ensure You Have the Lowest Down Time Possible