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  • What's different about the new DEKKA SE V3?
  • Will these tape heads fit on my machine?
    • The initial release of DEKKA SE V3's will be exclusive to Dekka and Wexxar Bel machines. Retrofits for other machines will be announced at a later date
  • What version will the new DEKKA SE V3 come in?
    • The initial release will feature the following models:
      • DEKKA SE-22 V3 2" tape, 2" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-22 V3 mirror
      • DEKKA SE-215 V3 2" tape, 1.5" - 1.75" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-215 V3 mirror
      • DEKKA SE-23 V3 3" tape, 2" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-23 V3 mirror
    • More models will be available at a later date


  • When can I order these tape heads?
    • They will be available for order on June 15th, 2020
  • Will my machine come with a new DEKKA SE V3 or a legacy DEKKA SE?
    • All machine orders placed after June 15th will by default come with the DEKKA SE V3


  • Will the legacy DEKKA SE still be available?
    • Yes. All our current product offerings are still available
  • Will spare parts for the legacy DEKKA SE still be available?
    • Yes

Spare Parts

  • Can I still use my previous spare parts for the new tape head?
    • Yes. The new DEKKA SE V3 and the legacy version of the DEKKA SE share many similar parts
  • Are spare parts available for the DEKKA SE V3?
    • Yes
  • Are there spare parts kits available for the DEKKA SE V3?
    • Yes